An environmentally responsible event

CascadesOur GESTEVERT sustainable development policy plays a key part in everything we do. It embodies our commitment to thinking, doing and promoting things in a greener, more socially responsible way, and it’s making us all work together more creatively and dynamically.

Did you know we had so many green initiatives?

  • Green team on the event site to help sort residual materials and log greenhouse gas emissions
  • 5-tier waste sorting system (garbage, recycling, compost, hazardous materials, construction materials)
  • Amateur cross-country competitions
  • Cross-country skiing taster classes for young people ages 7–12
  • And much more!

You can make a difference!


    • Use sustainable methods of transportation to get to the event (walk, take the bus, carpool, bike)
    • Offset your greenhouse gas emissions here
    • Sort any residual materials you need to get rid of (recycling, garbage, compost)

Consider carpooling

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This online and mobile ride-sharing platform is a simple, effective solution. Amigo Express connects drivers and passengers across Quebec and the rest of Canada to promote an affordable, environmentally responsible and safe way to travel.